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Gold Suppliers > Hangzhou Deangel Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd. > KET One Step Test Strip/Device (Urine)

Contact: Guo Chao / Lisette
Tel: 0571-89055109
Fax: 0571-89055107
Email:chao@dagbio.com/ lisette@dagbio.com

KET One Step Test Strip/Device (Urine)

KET One Step Test Strip/Device (Urine)
  • Brand Name : DAG
  • Category : Vitro Diagnostic Devices/Chemistry and Toxicology Devices
  • Place of Origin : Hangzhou, China
  • Standard : ISO13485/ CE Certificated
  • Payment : T/T, L/C or Other
  • Description :
  • Cut off: 1000ng/ml
    Accuracy: 96.4%
    Format: strip(2.5mm,3mm etc) casette(3mm,3.5mm,4mm).
    Strip:1 test/ pouch, 50 tests/ box, 5000tests/ carton, carton dimensions:58.5X53X31 cm.
    Casette/Device: 1 test/ pouch, 25tests/ box, 1500tests/ carton, carton dimensions:49X55X34.5 cm.
    Store as packaged at room temperature or refrigerated (2-30°C).
    OEM service is available.
    Welcome to contact us for further product information!
Contact Info
Contact: Guo Chao / Lisette
Tel: 0571-89055109
Email錛?/td> chao@dagbio.com/ lisette@dagbio.com
Fax錛?/td> 0571-89055107
Web site錛?/td> http://www.dagbio.com
Add錛?/td> Jinxing Cun, Yuhang Community, Yuhang District (Future Sci-Tech City),
P.C.錛?/td> 311121