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Gold Suppliers > Yiwu Babyly Medical Device Co.,Ltd > Non-contact Infrared thermometer BLTH-2

Contact: John
Tel: +86-579-85799138
Fax: +86-579-85799139
Email: John-lei@babyly.net

Non-contact Infrared thermometer BLTH-2

Non-contact Infrared thermometer BLTH-2
  • Brand Name : Babyly
  • Category : Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Supply Ability : enough
  • Performance and Composition : ABS
  • Payment : TT in advance
  • Scope : Household and hospital
  • Description :
  • 1.Measurement distance:5cm-8cm

    2.Measuring range:Human35.5閿濓拷42.9錕斤拷錕?85.9閿濓拷109.2錕斤拷錕?Object:0閿濓拷118錕斤拷錕?32閿濓拷244錕斤拷錕?/p>

    3.Accuracy:Human Body 鹵0.2錕斤拷錕?鹵0.4錕斤拷錕?Object:鹵1.0錕斤拷錕?鹵1.8錕斤拷錕?/p>


    5.Operation Condition:10~40錕斤拷錕?50~104.0錕斤拷錕?RH錕斤拷錕?0%Non-condensing

    6.Power Supply:d.c.3V聽聽聽 2AA alkaline Battery

    7.Power Consumption: When off:錕斤拷錕?0uW聽 When Measurement錕斤拷錕?0mW

    8.Indication for low power level

    9.LCD back-lit display

    10.Automatic recall of last reading

    11.Backlit LCD display is available to users in the dark聽

    12.Auto Shut-off in 30 seconds when no operation

    聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 fast & accurate,both for body and聽 object

Contact Info
Contact: John
Tel: +86-579-85799138
Email錛?/td> John-lei@babyly.net
Fax錛?/td> +86-579-85799139
Web site錛?/td> http://www.babyly.net/en
Add錛?/td> 2nd Floor,768 Chengdian south road.yiwu city.zhejiang
P.C.錛?/td> 322000